We sincerely believe our services could assure you to have a hassle-free pre-wedding to make you completely relax yourself in engaging every moment you should never be missed by virtue of all those tasks are well taken care by us.


Ongoing Consultation

After our complimentary initial meeting , we are still happy to answer any questions by the bridal and the groom. We will provide advice and assistance with every planning detail, from venue selecting and budget allocations to menu planning and on-day coordination. Pretty high quality of service you will obtain as you have a wedding planning team working on your case instead of one individual.

Wedding Design

We will assist with creating, maintaining and finalizing a detailed wedding timeline and seating chart. As the planner teams of fabulous & gorgeous weddings & events, our planning philosophy is to not only provide guidance to all the logistical elements of your weddings & events, but also assist to guide you through all the different design elements available. We collaborate with the top teams in Toronto to use location, lighting, layout, texture, floral, stationery, entertainment, rentals and cuisine to create unforgettable experiences. We also create largest impact within defined constraints.


Vendor Management   

What we stand for is our clients’ benefits and position. Special group discounts available to Uphoria‘s clients that have been pre-negotiated on your behalf already. With the professional knowledge, accumulated experience, we access to large vendor list that would best suit your needs and enhance your wedding. Besides, we do proper scheduling and management of your vendors to ensure seamless smooth performance on your wedding date.